2 thoughts on ANSI C Tutorial Ep.3 Parts 3 & 4.

  1. I like your video clips regarding ANSI C programming and hope you will continue with those….I am waiting to see more…please let me know if you dont…


  2. Thanks for watching them, i have been quite busy lately building a new site for http://www.codeconsortium.com and once it is finished it will have a new forum, and tutorial section (not part of the forum but a dedicated article section). Once the site is up i hope to put up many more videos. I will get around to it, just need more time, once i finish the ANSI C videos i will be making many more for other languages like C++, C#, PHP, Java etc. It could take a while though, as codeconsortium.com is a big project. In the meantime, subscribe to the youtube channel for updates and check out the existing forum and help it grow. I check the current forum on a regular basis and will answer any questions i am able to.

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