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Simple Method for Checking for Order With Behat

While needing to write a test to check the order of 2 items (within a given CSS query) in Behat, I did a little googling and came across this website here.

The tutorial is great and i just wanted to give a shout out to the author for their great content. I also made a slight change to include testing for the existing of the 2 items.

Here is my slightly updated version:

     * @Then /^"([^"]*)" should precede "([^"]*)" for the query "([^"]*)"$/
    public function shouldPrecedeForTheQuery($textBefore, $textAfter, $cssQuery)
        $items = array_map(
            function ($element) {
                return $element->getText();
            $this->getPage()->findAll('css', $cssQuery)

		WebTestCase::assertTrue(in_array($textBefore, $items), 'The before text was not found!');
		WebTestCase::assertTrue(in_array($textAfter,  $items), 'The after text was not found!');
            array_search($textBefore, $items),
            array_search($textAfter, $items),
            "$textBefore does not proceed $textAfter"

You can see an example of the test i wrote using this method here.